75 Years Hemmers Itex

To be successful you must have your heart in your company and your business in your heart, Thomas John Watson, Sr.

We are celebrating: 75 years of Hemmers Itex GmbH


Unbelievable! We’re celebrating a huge milsetone birthday, we are 75 years old this year! We are very proud of this, as the journey has not always been an easy one. The busniess is often challenging and is always shaped by the fast moving changes in the entire textile industry.

We look back on a development that also reflects a piece of German economic history: From the economic miracle of the 50s, through the heyday of the 70s and 80s, to the effects of globalization in the 90s.
With this anniversary contribution, we invite you to take a stroll through many chapters of our textile and family history. Hemmers Itex GmbH is a company with a family background.
A sense of responsibility, commitment, appreciation, these are values ​​that are not only used by the Hemmers family, but also by the company. To break new ground with courage and perseverance in a changing market environment is certainly one of our strengths.
In its third generation, responsibility lies in the hands of Jörg Hemmers and in addition Franziska Hemmers, who joined us 3 years ago.
We are taking the 75th company anniversary as an opportunity to introduce ourselves in more detail and review our past.
Every company and every great success, started with a small idea.