Conditions for the use of files

from the photo database


Hemmers Itex

Textil Import Export GmbH,

Twentestrasse 1,

48527 Nordhorn


– hereinafter referred to as “Hemmers Itex”

external users of the photo database


Hemmers Itex maintains this photo database on, in which photographs of the Hemmers Itex products, works created with the Hemmers Itex products, images of the brands and logos of Hemmers Itex and of licensors, called “data material” for short  are saved and made available for download to external users.

In some cases, Hemmers Itex only has limited rights to use the data. The external user is obliged to check and ensure that the respective data material is legally and actually suitable for the intended use before each act of use.

Assuming that this is the case, Hemmers Itex grants the external user limited, non-exclusive right to download and save the data provided to their photo database on their own computers, for the duration of the contract and for the fulfilment of their obligations under the contract with Hemmers Itex. The external user is permitted to make copies or to have them made. The external user is entitled to edit and change the data material in compliance with moral rights, if and insofar as this is necessary to adapt the data material to technical, graphic or linguistic requirements and format specifications. This includes the right to use the data material internally and in communication with Hemmers Itex in physical definitions, for example as drafts for print media, press advertising, brochures, advertising, sales promotion and PR measures, editorial reporting, film, television, photos and video ( also making-off) as well as in intangible determinations in electronic form, such as the storage of files on computers, the storage of files on storage media such as CDs, DVDs, SD cards and USB sticks.

The granting of rights is subject to the condition that the data material is used exclusively to fulfill the contractual obligations of the external user towards Hemmers Itex and to promote the sale of Hemmers Itex products. Any further use without the consent of Hemmers Itex is excluded. The external user has no right to issue
sub-licenses and must ensure that the images are not passed on to third parties.

In the event of termination or other termination of the contract, all data material
provided to the external user by Hemmers Itex must be returned to Hemmers Itex immediately. A right of retention is excluded.

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