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Inspiring customers with sewn garments made from your ordered Hemmers Itex fabrics

Fabrics sold by Hemmers Itex

Show your customers garments sewn using Hemmers Itex fabrics

Several of our customers confirm that they sell their fabrics even better when they show a finished garment in their showroom. The hobby sewers feel inspired and get an idea of the fabric and the end possibilities.

As a fabric wholesaler, we not only sell you the fabric, but also produce garments as sales support on request.

Each item is an individual one-off production

You choose the fabric and the pattern. Each garment is individually manufactured for your fabric trade. You have the choice between five different clothing items based on patterns from burdastyle:

  1.  Woman’s elasticated fabric dress (burdastyle 6608 B)
  2.  Woman’s woven fabric blouse (burdastyle 6458A)
  3.  Woman’s woven fabric top (burdastyle 6204B)
  4.  Children’s elasticated fabric dress (burdastyle 6341B)
  5.  Children’s elasticated top (burdastyle 9322C)

The advantages for you at a quick glance

  • No extra cost of goods
  • Finished showroom items without additional effort (compared to in-house production)
  • You inspire your customers and sell Hemmers Itex fabrics easier than before
Stoff aussuchen

Five patterns from burdastyle to choose from

What you have to do?

Open the order form, fill out your details and send it to us by email with one click (Marketing@textilhemmers.de)