Hemmers Itex is your fabric expert

With our international network of suppliers, designers and an in-house design department, you’ll receive a full range of services in all areas of fabric purchasing and fabric production. You will find we offer a wide range of fabrics that are tailored to market needs and sold at fair prices.

The history of Hemmers Itex and, in particular, Nordhorn as a textiles hub, gives us a real understanding of the market in the fabric retail trade. Today, we still have close contact to the brick-and-mortar fabric trade.  You will receive innovative product concepts that are tailored to the needs of your customers.

Diversity of our products

As a textile merchant with established brand concepts in the DIY sector, we can provide you with a comprehensive, consumer-oriented package for everything related to sewing. You can receive our free promotional image material for many other product lines.

>>To the brand concepts

Contact our fabric experts at the customer service centre in Nordhorn today. We are only able to provide you with the best possible offer if we can discuss your needs with you personally.

Why Hemmers Itex is right for you

  • You are a buyer and want a reliable fabric supplier
  • You are a fashion designer and want to see your designs on fabric
  • You are a fabric merchant and want the largest selection of fabrics at the best price
  • You would like to work with one of the leading wholesalers from the textiles and fashion industry
  • You need a personal point of contact, who knows the fabric market like the back of their hand and regularly lets you know the latest fabric news

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You will find our entire range of fabrics at our online shop. You can click through all our fabric qualities even without registering for an account.
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This way, you will also be able to see product availability and prices.

Exclusive fabric designs

Our in-house design department understands the catwalk trends and knows which fabrics will be fashionable next season.
If a trend emerges very quickly, we can react to this and provide you with the popular fabrics within a very short time.

Would you like a design that can only be bought exclusively from you? We would be happy to develop your own fabric design on a wide variety of materials.

Fabric rolls as bolts

The process of turning rolls of fabric into bolts is also called folding.
With the aid of our 13 plying machines, we can fold your fabrics to measure within a short period of time.
Pieces that have already been folded in our standard lengths are available even sooner.

Free image service

As a Hemmers Itex customer, you have access to our free image service. Download the free professional image material for the fabrics you have purchased and use the images for your advertising. It will save you time and allow you to concentrate on selling the fabrics. We have already taken the photos for you. Take advantage of this for your marketing campaigns.

From the fabric to the customer

Become part of the Hemmers Itex team

Working at Hemmers Itex is a creative patchwork.

We are a diverse and creative team. Like in a patchwork, it is important that all the pieces fit together in a harmonious manner. Everyone plays a part with their different qualities. It is important to us that the seams between the individual departments hold strong. Our success is measured by how satisfied our customers are. That’s why we always do our absolute best when working with our fabric merchants and fashion designers, too.

If you would like to launch new trends together with us, then please apply.

Strong partners by our side

Together with our local partners, we set ourselves high standards in the fashion and textiles sectors.
This is because “together, you are less alone.” We benefit from regular exchanges with partners.


More than 70 years’ experience

Hemmers Itex can look back on a valuable wealth of knowledge gained from over 70 years of experience in the textile industry. In the fabric world, Hemmers Itex is a supplier for wholesale and retail throughout Europe, as well as for renowned clothing designers. Close customer contact and the deep attachment to retail trade make it possible for Hemmers Itex to develop products that are tailored to the needs of the market.

If you enter Hemmers fabric and Nordhorn in your search engine, there are at least three hits. How can that be? Learn more about the history of the Hemmers name in Nordhorn.

The Hemmers name

As well as the textile wholesalers Bernhard Hemmers, the fashion fabric retail company Renate Hemmers und Johann Hemmers KG also belonged to the Hemmers Group.

Over the years, the two retail companies were sold:
In 1991, the retail company Johann Hemmers KG became Hemkon. In 2002, the fashion arm of the retail company, Renate Hemmers, was sold, along with the brand name. The result was the company Brünink & Hemmers fabrics.

Both companies are still active retail companies, headquartered in Nordhorn. Private customers can buy their fabrics from these companies. To date, the wholesaler Hemmers Itex has concentrated on the areas of manufacturing, design and commercial fabric trade and has sold fabrics by the metre (bolt or roll). Only customers with a valid trade licence may purchase from Hemmers Itex.

The wholesaler Hemmers Itex and the retail companies Stoffe Hemmers & Brünink and Hemkon-Stoff have a shared history. The three companies are independently managed and maintain a cooperative partnership. The name Hemmers has stuck, and it has stood for quality ever since.