Hemmers Itex is your fabric expert

With our international network of suppliers, designers and an in-house design department, you’ll receive a full range of services in all areas of fabric purchasing and fabric production. You will find we offer a wide range of fabrics that are tailored to market needs and sold at fair prices.

The history of Hemmers Itex and, in particular, Nordhorn as a textiles hub, gives us a real understanding of the market in the fabric retail trade. Today, we still have close contact to the brick-and-mortar fabric trade.  You will receive innovative product concepts that are tailored to the needs of your customers.

Diversity of our products

As a textile merchant with established brand concepts in the DIY sector, we can provide you with a comprehensive, consumer-oriented package for everything related to sewing. You can receive our free promotional image material for many other product lines.

>>To the brand concepts

Contact our fabric experts at the customer service centre in Nordhorn today. We are only able to provide you with the best possible offer if we can discuss your needs with you personally.

Why Hemmers Itex is right for you

  • You are a buyer and want a reliable fabric supplier
  • You are a fashion designer and want to see your designs on fabric
  • You are a fabric merchant and want the largest selection of fabrics at the best price
  • You would like to work with one of the leading wholesalers from the textiles and fashion industry
  • You need a personal point of contact, who knows the fabric market like the back of their hand and regularly lets you know the latest fabric news

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You will find our entire range of fabrics at our online shop. You can click through all our fabric qualities even without registering for an account.
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This way, you will also be able to see product availability and prices.

Exclusive fabric designs

Our in-house design department understands the catwalk trends and knows which fabrics will be fashionable next season.
If a trend emerges very quickly, we can react to this and provide you with the popular fabrics within a very short time.

Would you like a design that can only be bought exclusively from you? We would be happy to develop your own fabric design on a wide variety of materials.

Fabric rolls as bolts

The process of turning rolls of fabric into bolts is also called folding.
With the aid of our 13 plying machines, we can fold your fabrics to measure within a short period of time.
Pieces that have already been folded in our standard lengths are available even sooner.

Free image service

As a Hemmers Itex customer, you have access to our free image service. Download the free professional image material for the fabrics you have purchased and use the images for your advertising. It will save you time and allow you to concentrate on selling the fabrics. We have already taken the photos for you. Take advantage of this for your marketing campaigns.

From the fabric to the customer


This is where fabric ideas are born Our staff in the design department are always a step ahead of the times. They regularly visit the most important fashion and fabric trade fairs. Here, you can learn what future trends there will be relating to fabric design and quality.

Anyone working in product design must have a good eye for colours, patterns, designs and trends. Moreover, the design team are also in close contact with trendy fabric designers in order to discuss the latest trends. This network is essential in allowing us to stay ahead of the curve.

A glance into the office means diving into a world full of fabrics, colours and patterns. The designs are made directly on the PC using modern graphics tablets. New fabric designs are created with a great deal of attention to detail. The experts in the design department specify the fabric qualities and the pattern repeat.

Moreover, the design team are also in close contact with trendy fabric designers in order to discuss the latest trends. This network is essential in allowing us to stay ahead of the curve.


Even before the design is printed onto the fabric and delivered, the marketing department is already on the ball. They have regular meetings with the design department. Together, they plan which fabrics will go on sale and when, and work closely with the management team and the sales managers.

Once the schedule has been set out, the staff in the marketing department can get started. They design and write the copy for sales documents, newsletters, social media posts and much more.


Hemmers Itex’s trade fair appearances are also planned mostly by the marketing department. Especially the in-house trade fair, where Hemmers Itex invites visitors to its showroom with over 2,000 m² of floor space twice a year. Creative apprentices come up with great new workshop ideas each year for our numerous trade fair visitors.

Media designers, online managers, social media managers and other marketing specialists are some of the people who work in Marketing.

Quality management

The design and the fabric have been chosen. Now, the staff in patterning contact the relevant suppliers or textile manufacturers. Our textile experts work in patterning. They have direct contact with reliable and professional fabric suppliers who have all been selected with care.

External inspections are performed at suppliers’ operations or on site in order to ensure that Hemmers Itex can guarantee adequate quality standards and quality control. Only producers who fulfil Hemmers Itex’s high quality standards can be considered for collaboration. As the fabrics are often produced abroad, our staff are pretty good at English.

Before the entire quantity of fabric is printed and produced, the manufacturers send a production sample (the first metre of production) to Nordhorn.

When choosing suppliers, Hemmers Itex places great value on compliance with the quality standards. China and Turkey are the largest suppliers of fabrics on the global market. So that Hemmers Itex can guarantee the same quality standards and inspections as at the Nordhorn headquarters, there is a 100% subsidiary in Shanghai (Chinotex) All fabrics are still checked on-site there.


The member of staff in the in-house laboratory at Hemmers Itex in Nordhorn receives the production sample. Here, the fabric is subjected to a quality check.

They thoroughly inspect the fabric with a critical eye and the necessary Expertise.

What are the colour qualities like, how much does the fabric shrink when washed, does the colour run? These are just a few of the criteria that are examined.

Only once the fabric has passed the quality check does the technology department authorise a release to the suppliers.


Release for the fabric has been issued. Now, the employees in purchasing take over. They order, plan and ultimately make sure that the fabric is delivered on time. Terms and conditions of purchase and delivery are defined by this department and all the supplier management activities are handled here.

Because Hemmers Itex purchases a multitude of fabrics as a wholesaler in Nordhorn, it is important that we continue to work out strategic and long-term plans.

The staff develop purchasing strategies, negotiate prices and ensure that rules of conduct of the German textile and fashion industry are obeyed (code of conduct) and that the REACH regulation guidelines are upheld (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).

As an international fabric wholesaler, Hemmers Itex is AEO-certified and has all the necessary customs licences.


Once the staff in purchasing have organised everything for the delivery, it’s time to pass the torch to the incoming goods team. Several lorries drive across the Hemmers Itex company premises every day, loaded with the most beautiful fabrics. Staff are ready to receive the consignment.

This includes the new fabric design. With a forklift truck, the trained warehouse operatives unload the large, heavy rolls of fabric. Telescopic straps help the staff with the unloading. They need to check the delivery and label its contents straightaway.

Now, the new fabric is given a spot in the expansive warehouse. Colleagues in warehousing take over and take the new fabric rolls to an available space in the warehouse. Using a scanner, the tracking number is recorded and the fabric is booked on the inventory management system.

Now every member of staff can use the system to find the fabric in the warehouse. Without this digital log, it would be very difficult to find the fabrics again in warehouse facilities of over 10,000m².


No fabric can escape the showroom. The so-called “swatches” hang showing every delivered fabric, displayed from floor to ceiling

Several sample swatches are prepared by hand for the sales representatives and for the in-house “presentation room”, where customers are greeted.

This way, we always have the latest collection to hand. Nothing is better that feeling a piece of fabric. All the information about the quality and composition can be found on the swatches.

No fabric gets lost here. If you are looking for a particular fabric, the showroom staff will find it for you.


Now Hemmers Itex customers find out about the new fabrics designs. Armed with sample swatches and sales documents, sales representatives show their customers what’s new at Hemmers Itex. Personal customer contact is always the highest priority.

The sales staff devote a lot of time to their customers and advise retailers, clothing manufacturers, designers and wholesalers all over the world. Every customer has a contact person assigned to assist them.

The sales team is also represented at major fashion and fabric trade fairs. They are a great opportunity to establish contact with new customers, meet long-standing, satisfied regular customers and to showcase our new products.

From fashion fabrics, decorative fabrics and fabrics for the whole DIY sector, there is practically every grade of fabric. Customers’ own designs can also be made at Hemmers Itex. Or, to put it in the words of our humorous operations manager Maria, “in fact, we have everything apart from artificial grass.”


The new fabric design is quickly given a place in the online shop and is presented to customers as a new arrival. The online shop is open around the Clock.

Hemmers Itex customers can browse through the diverse selection of fabrics and place a direct order at any time of day or night. A great service, which is essential in today’s world.

Of course, the online shop would not function without hardworking employees who make sure that customers can find all the available fabrics.

As a rule, ordered fabrics are received within 2 to 3 working days by the retailer, clothing manufacturer or Designers.


The new fabric design is ordered via the various sales channels. Now it’s the turn of the folding department. Here, fabrics are taken from the roll and turned into bolts. Staff have a detailed plan that provides an overview of the quantities that should be unrolled from the fabric rolls into bolts.

Every day, staff work at the 13 modern folding machines. Some fabrics can only be unrolled by hand.

There are some customers who do not need bolts of fabric and order fabric rolls. In these cases, the fabric is then prepared straight away for dispatch and this step can be skipped.

Now the bolts are given a space in the warehouse. Then, the warehousing staff take over and take the new fabric bolts to an available space in the warehouse. Using a scanner, the tracking number is recorded and the fabric is booked into the inventory management system.

Now every member of staff can use the system to find the fabric in the warehouse. Without this digital log, it would be very difficult to find the fabrics again in warehouse facilities of over 10,000m².


The new fabric designs are processed as bolts. Now, all the customer orders need to be assembled and prepared for dispatch.

Hardworking staff in the fabric bolt order picking department buzz around the labyrinthine warehouse looking for the individual bolts to fulfil the customer orders.

This means that the staff in this department can walk several kilometres a day.

This job is not a typical office job – it requires physical strength and Endurance.


Now comes the big finale for the new fabric design. It is allowed out into the big, wide world.

Dispatch staff pack up all the fabric bolts/fabric rolls for each customer order.

When everything is ready for dispatch, the fabric leaves the Hemmers Itex company premises in Nordhorn and sets out on its journey to its purchaser.

Perhaps we’ll see the fabric design again sometime in a fashion magazine, at a textile merchant’s or in a department store?

We at Hemmers Itex are certain that every fabric design will find its Purpose.


Hemmers Itex can still design so many beautiful fabrics. However, without IT, none of the processes described earlier would work.

Whether it’s the necessary hardware or software, the staff in this department make sure everything works how it’s supposed to.

They provide constant support to staff in all Departments.

They are able to work efficiently thanks to a modern ticketing system that is available to everyone on the company Intranet.


The accounting department have the company figures at their fingertips.

They monitor incoming payments, send invoices and settle accounts.

In the affiliated financial controlling department, figures are prepared for the management and the Departments.

Accounting is central theme running through the company, by which all processes can be made quantifiable in figures.


Where do the trained fabric experts at Hemmers Itex come from, who deal with design, purchasing, marketing, software, the warehouse and sales? HR Manager Marita Schröder knows the answer to that. From apprentices to trained specialists, all the individual staff threads converge with her.

As well as job interviews, employee benefits, time recording and further training, she organises the popular apprentice taster day and the internal company parties. Marita Schröder is the person you should ask any questions you may have about “working at Hemmers Itex”.


The management pulls all the strings as far as the strategic orientation of Hemmers Itex is concerned. It aligns seamlessly with all the departments in the wholesale fabric trade in Nordhorn.

They maintain the network with other partners from the textile industry and together they make important decisions about the future of the Company.

Become part of the Hemmers Itex team

Working at Hemmers Itex is a creative patchwork.

We are a diverse and creative team. Like in a patchwork, it is important that all the pieces fit together in a harmonious manner. Everyone plays a part with their different qualities. It is important to us that the seams between the individual departments hold strong. Our success is measured by how satisfied our customers are. That’s why we always do our absolute best when working with our fabric merchants and fashion designers, too.

If you would like to launch new trends together with us, then please apply.

Strong partners by our side

Together with our local partners, we set ourselves high standards in the fashion and textiles sectors.
This is because “together, you are less alone.” We benefit from regular exchanges with partners.


More than 70 years’ experience

Hemmers Itex can look back on a valuable wealth of knowledge gained from over 70 years of experience in the textile industry. In the fabric world, Hemmers Itex is a supplier for wholesale and retail throughout Europe, as well as for renowned clothing designers. Close customer contact and the deep attachment to retail trade make it possible for Hemmers Itex to develop products that are tailored to the needs of the market.

If you enter Hemmers fabric and Nordhorn in your search engine, there are at least three hits. How can that be? Learn more about the history of the Hemmers name in Nordhorn.

The Hemmers name

As well as the textile wholesalers Bernhard Hemmers, the fashion fabric retail company Renate Hemmers und Johann Hemmers KG also belonged to the Hemmers Group.

Over the years, the two retail companies were sold:
In 1991, the retail company Johann Hemmers KG became Hemkon. In 2002, the fashion arm of the retail company, Renate Hemmers, was sold, along with the brand name. The result was the company Brünink & Hemmers fabrics.

Both companies are still active retail companies, headquartered in Nordhorn. Private customers can buy their fabrics from these companies. To date, the wholesaler Hemmers Itex has concentrated on the areas of manufacturing, design and commercial fabric trade and has sold fabrics by the metre (bolt or roll). Only customers with a valid trade licence may purchase from Hemmers Itex.

The wholesaler Hemmers Itex and the retail companies Stoffe Hemmers & Brünink and Hemkon-Stoff have a shared history. The three companies are independently managed and maintain a cooperative partnership. The name Hemmers has stuck, and it has stood for quality ever since.