New fabrics from Hemmers Itex for autumn / winter 2021

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Cosy printed Alpine fleece is the must have for winter

Printed Alpine fleece

Article number: 134442 – 134444 / 205436 – 205438; 134570 – 134573 / 206113 – 206116

Colourful leaves and flowers cavort on our new printed alpine fleece. The collection is colour coordinated and rounded off with a striped design. The cosy fabric are a must have for winter and can be sewn not only into pillows and blankets fort he home, but also perfect for warm hoodies.

Cozy fleece

Fleece for all ages

Artikelnummer: 129371 / 200425, 134434 – 134441 / 205429 – 205435; 134423 / 205419; 132304 / 201325; 134829 / 206723

The flannel fleece falls wonderfully light and soft. It is great for cosy outfits and blankets and is wonderful to sew. Our fleece is available in both plain and with spots.

The new “Glow in the dark” fleece is particularly cool. The stars charge in daylight and glow overnight.

You will also find a Nicki fleece with lacquer embossing in our new range. The Nicki is available in several different colours and is perfect for all age groups and can be used in many ways.

GOTS certified fabrics

Cotton poplin and jersey, GOTS certified goods are now at Hemmers Itex

Article number: 134411 / 205415; 134413 – 134414; 205417 – 205418; 134401 – 134403 / 205406 – 205408; 134404 – 134405 / 205409 – 205410

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world’s leading standard for processing textiles made from certified organic natural fibers. This label guarantees you, and us sustainable production and is monitored across the entire textile supply chain.

GOTS sets clear guidelines for minimizing negative environmental influences in the production of textiles, as well as strict social criteria, such as no child labor, free choice of job with adequate remuneration, etc. which form the basis for the issuance of this certificate.

The flowery designs printed on cotton are an all-rounder and are suitable for many great sewing projects. The animal designs printed on jersey can be used to sew great outfits for children.

New cotton jerseys with animals

Wonderful cotton animal printed jersey

Article number: 134517 – 134519 / 205509 – 205511; 134605 – 134608 / 206142 – 206145; 134615 – 134617 / 206152 – 206154

Cotton jersey is a versatile fabric and is therefore very popular with our end consumers. Lots of little animals cavort on our new cotton jerseys.

Forest animals are a hot topic and can also be found on our qualities. Bears, foxes and squirrels decorate our jerseys in natural tones. We also have designs with trees and flowers for you.

Butterflies, birds and snails are available in great, bright colours.

Cotton jerseys for cool kids

Cool cotton jerseys

Article number: 134314 – 134315 / 205342 – 205343; 126382 / 200286; 133254 / 201899; 134618 – 134619 / 206155 – 206156

New cotton jerseys shouldn’t be missing for the cool kids either.

Skulls and sayings in combination with stripes in traditional blue and red tones decorate our cotton jerseys. The new technique of puff print, creates a unique 3D look.

Chucks not only look cool on the feet, but also printed on shirts and are available in three colours.

Float in space. Who doesn’t dream of being an astronaut? Dreams come true with our new fabrics.

Of course, the cool diggers should not be missing from your children’s outfits.

Cotton jerseys for special occasions

Cotton jerseys with glitter and glamour

Article number: 134523 – 134524 / 205515 – 205516; 133513 / 203389; 134610 – 134613 / 206147 – 206150

Glitter and glamor shouldn’t be missing on our new cotton jerseys either.

The universe with glitter foil on jersey is perfect for new tops and jumpsuits.

You can find speckled dots in many different colours on jersey. We have the right colour for the whole family.

Flowery, abstract ornaments in bright colours keep us shining even in autumn.

Cotton jersey and French terry with pigment print

Pigment printing makes our cotton jersey and French terry something special

Article number: 134309 – 134310 / 205337 – 205338; 134576 / 206119

Pigment printing on fabrics is becoming increasingly popular and should therefore not be missing in your range. The pigment printing turns the fabric into something special. Either with stripes and lions in subtle colours or with hedgehogs, mushrooms and trees in bright colours, your customers are garanteed to find something. The traditional digger is available with a green or blue background on brushed French terry.

We are expanding our organic collection

Organic cotton jersey for great outfits

Article number: 134514 – 134516 / 205506 – 205508; 134725 – 134726 / 206261 – 206262

Animals on organic fabrics are currently an indispensable part of the sewing world. The crocodiles in combination with stripes and the graphic elephants and giraffes are available in beautiful colours. They are incredibly soft and are very easy to wear.

Jeans - always a trendy look

Jeans should not be missing in any collection

Article number: 134793 – 134796 / 206320 – 206323; 134754 / 206289; 134659 – 134660 / 206195 – 206196

Jeans are always in demand and can be worn in any season. You can find jeans printed with polka dots, flowers and leaves on light and dark blue undertones. You will also find embroidered denim fabrics in our range. Your customers can use these fabrics to sew a range of outfits.

Elephants and unicorns designs on Cotton

Elephants and unicorns remain a popular topic

Article number: 127087 / 200306; 134348 – 134349 / 205373 – 205374

Since our elephant design is still so popular for your customers, the design is now available in many new colours.

You will find our cotton printed unicorns as an allover print in three different colours.

French terry and jeans with a batik look for the whole family

Batik french terry and jeans

Article number: 134819 / 206760; 134790 / 206317, 134753 / 206288

The trend topic batik will remain with us for some time. Therefore, fabrics with a batik look should definitely not be missing in your fabric shop. You can find tie-dye designs printed on French terry and jeans in great colours. No matter whether young or old, male or female, you will discover the right colour for every hobby sewer.

French terry

French Terry for the family

Article number: 134520 – 134521 / 205512 – 205513; 134509 – 134510 / 205501 – 205502; 134723 – 134724 / 206259 – 206260; 134828/ 206848

A beautiful meadow of flowers waves in the breeze on our brushed French terry. In matching colours, you will also find a fantastic new animal print

For the little ones we have great French Terrys with rainbows on a pink or gray background. In addition, an allover bear decorates our French terry with great colours. Since the French Terry is easy to work with, this fabric can be used to create many great sewing projects for the whole family.

Licenses should not be missing in your range

We can’t think of Christmas soon enough!

Article number: 134481 – 134484 / 205473 – 205476; 134509 – 134510 / 205501 – 205502

We’re starting the Christmas season with Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. We are expanding our licenses with these great French Terrys. Mickey Mouse is handing out the presents and Winnie the Pooh and his friends are wearing Christmas hats. Christmas is saved with these fabrics.

We also have new licensed fabrics for you without Christmas motifs. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and the Frozen cavort on our brushed French terry.

Cotton sweat and French terry melange

Simple and beautiful – suitable for many sewing projects

Article number: 134597 / 206135; 134731 / 206267

You can find new cotton sweat melange and French terry melange in many different colours in our range. These fabrics are all-rounders and should not be missing in your fabric shop.

Trendy sweat shirt

Sweat shirts always work

Article number: 134284 – 134285 / 205335 – 205336

Sweat shirts are very popular. It is not only wonderful to sew, but also lovely to be worn. We have fashionable sweat shirt fabrics for you in camouflage and leaf patterns. Your customers are guaranteed to love these fabrics.

We also have new licensed fabrics for you without Christmas motifs. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and the Frozen cavort on our brushed French terry.

Klaranähta and Tillisy

New decorative fabrics from Klaranähta and Tillisy

Article number: 993055 – 993062 / 205992 – 205999; 992092 – 992096 / 205985 – 205989

The flower tendrils and polka dots decorate our new cotton fabrics from the Klaranähta collection in two colour variations and are great for new, playful sewing projects.

You will discover new canvas print graphic motifs in our new Tillisy collection in blue / red and gray / yellow tones.

Little Darling Spring / Summer 2022

Little Darling spring / summer for fashionable kids

Article number: 991190 – 991208 / 206590 – 206876

We are already presenting our new Little Darling collection for spring / summer 2022 for pre-order.

We have put together a fashionable collection for babies and children of all ages. The focus is on maritime designs, floral patterns, cool statements and safari.

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