New fabrics from Hemmers Itex for summer 2021/2022

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Cotton fabrics with frogs

The frog prince is 100% cotton and Oeko-Tex

Article number: 134269 – 134270

We have two different frog designs on cotton. Great sewing projects for a children’s room can be sewn from the frog prince, combined with a daisy. The cotton article is available in two colours.

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Cotton prints for the nursery

Magical cotton prints

Article number: 134345 – 134347, 134350 – 134355

The nursery is a kingdom full of fantasy. With our new cotton series, a children’s room can be turned into a beautiful retreat. The new prints are available in two colours and are ideal for bed linen, curtains or pillow cases.

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Fantastic cotton voile fabrics

An eye-catcher at every garden party

Article number: 134578 – 134580

Our floral, colourful designs inspire new sewing projects. Floral fabrics are in great demand again this summer and should not be missing in any fabric shop. The cotton voile can be used to sew airy blouses and chic dresses for the summer.

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Cotton jersey with a jeans look

The jeans look, is never out of fashion.

Article number: 134305 – 134308

We have a great selection of cotton jerseys with a denim look. In blue and gray colourways, you will find a trendy leopard pattern, a tiger head, colourful flowers and hearts. Your customers can use these fabrics to sew great outfits for the whole family.

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Colourful cotton jerseys

Colourful cotton jerseys for young and old

Article number: 134301 – 134303

Wearing our cotton jerseys, your customers are ready for the summer. Different graphics in different colours shine in competition and are just waiting to be sewn into great outfits.

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Licenses on cotton and jersey

Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig

Article number: 133982 – 133984, 134479 – 134508, 134490 – 134491

Hot topics and a role model for many children. We look forward to introducing you to our new licensed fabrics. Fireman Sam comes in three different colours on cotton and is ideal for decorating a children’s room.

Mickey and Minni Mouse cavort in three different colours on our jersey fabrics.

Brand new: Peppa Pig designs on cotton and jersey. This fabric is therefore also suitable for dresses and shirts.

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Little Darling

Wintery Little Darling collection for kids big and small

Article number: 991172 – 991189

Your customers will love the new designs in our wintery Little Darling collection. Cosy fabrics and childlike, cool designs on nicki, french terry and many other qualities await you. This collection has the right fabric for every age group. Pre-order the fabrics now on our online shop.

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Fashionable Milliblu’s collection

Article number: 990265 – 990274

With the new Milliblu’s collection, your customers are always up to date with the latest trends. Regardless of whether it is viscose, pleated or jacquard, we have many qualities with great designs and winter colours. There is guaranteed to be the perfect fabric for every fashionable woman. You can pre-order fabrics on our online shop.

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