Fashion collection from Hemmers Itex for spring / summer 2023

In this lookbook, we’re unveiling the new Hemmers Itex spring/summer fashion collection for 2023, inspired by a rainbow of colours through to subtle shades of beige. Textured surfaces, like seersucker, viscose marocaine or pleated fabrics, are some of our must-haves. Plus, we’ll reveal fantastic trends in printed and plain-coloured fabrics, created by Hemmers Itex.

Join us on our adventure through the range of summer fabrics that’ll have you dreaming of the sun and the sea. The collection and on-trend colours go perfectly with each other, so it’s a breeze to create stylish new looks for online and offline rendering. Let’s start our summer journey with our three personal highlight items from Hemmers Itex’s summer fashion collection.

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Floaty, lightweight, natural: our crochet-look items give your collection a special touch and offer a lovely change from standard knitted finishes.


Textured surfaces are totally eye-catching this summer: they’re a fashion must-have! This segment is home to checks and coordinated plain colours, as well as prints. This fabric gives your outfit a new look and is a perfect addition to your wardrobe, whether as a dress, top or skirt.


Natural, floaty, relaxed, lightweight: an eye-catching, cotton-based fabric. What about a two-piece with block colours and stripes?


Breathable, casual chic, floaty and simply THE summer fabric. Whether you’re looking for plain colours or prints, we’ve got an array of fantastic items that are perfect for comfy clothes, relaxed jumpsuits or gorgeous blouses. Discover the casual flair of this fabric.


Wonderfully sophisticated and comfortable to wear and just as nice to the touch? You’ve got it, we’re talking about Tencel Finish. Due to the naturalness of this material and its unique finish, it’s perfect for floaty garments and blouses for early spring alike.

Black and Beige

What makes this subtle, classic colour scheme impressive is its beige nuances. Its exquisite black accents create a natural look for the summer.


Bright colours are a must for the summer. White broderie anglaise and floral designs on white backgrounds are ideal for garden parties. The “White” theme is completed with plain white-coloured fabrics.

Midnight Sail

You’ll also find the classic nautical colour scheme in our new fashion collection. The combination of red/navy/white with plain fabrics in matching colours is ideal for creating fashionable summer outfits.

Kelly Green

Green: it goes without saying that the absolute on-trend colour of the summer is part of our fashion collection. A range of shades of green are available, both as a solid colour and as an accent in various printed designs.

Purple Rose

Another colour that should be a staple in any summer wardrobe is lilac. This playful, feminine colour scheme has the wow factor with both vibrant and pastel shades of purple.

Powder Blue

We’ve tapped into the classic blue shades for the Powder Blue colour scheme. We associate fresh blue tones with a bright sky and a crystal-clear sea, getting us in the mood for summer.

Aurora Pink

Aurora Pink: the collection’s vibrant colour scheme. Pink combined with orange is the fashion highlight of the summer. This summery colour combination is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher and is perfect for outfits for every event.

Amber Yellow

This colour scheme will guide you radiantly through the summer. The fabrics, featuring shades of yellow and mustard, are ideal for creating fantastic beach outfits.

Irish Cream

The natural colour scheme combined with small accents is the perfect choice for a summery beach look.

En Vogue Basic

In our new fashion collection you’ll once again find a large selection of basic fabrics. Discover the variety of new summer fabrics in the solid colour collection and be inspired by the range of colours.

I Love Prints

Would you like to complete your range with a variety of printed designs? In the “I Love Prints” category you’ll find floral, geometric and many other designs on viscose jersey and viscose poplin.

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