Fashion collection from Hemmers Itex for autumn / winter 2023

The new fashion collection for fall/winter 2023/24 created by Hemmers Itex makes winter lovers hearts beat faster and all others become them. Inspired by fashionable color highlights to simple combination colors and great shades.

Soft, cuddly fabrics, high-quality wool blends and various print grounds such as viscose satin, poplin, spandex and printed teddy qualities as well as pleated fabrics are among the highlights. The great variety of plain qualities, color-coordinated with the print trends, is also a must-have.

Fashionable looks and great combination possibilities can be created perfectly by the large selection of the most versatile fabric and the trend colors. We will gladly take you with us and make you long for snow, evenings together over tea and the cozy time of the year. But we also think about the festivities in this season – pleated, velvet and various qualities are waiting for their use. Let’s start the cozy winter journey- with our two personal winter highlights from Hemmers Itex: high-quality wool qualities and our large variety of great plain qualities.

We hope you enjoy flicking through our lookbook,

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Faux fur and teddy looks are an absolute trend of the winter. The cuddly and soft qualities can be used in many ways and are a statement piece. Jackets, bags, hats or even oversize shirts are perfect for the fabric. Pattern ideas are desired? – Gladly! How about Vest Gitti or the Pillow Bag? But also Bucket Hat Guido is well suited.


Dress, trouser and blouse fabrics in fashionable colors? The new winter collection offers you a wide selection of different qualities for various new sewing projects. Various knitted fabrics with a fluffy look and warm feel are great for a sweater or a great knitted dress to feel good in, but also finer fabrics like satin or twill with elastane are great qualities for blouses and pants. In addition, we at Hemmers Itex work with a color card that runs through the entire collection. What does that mean in concrete terms? We offer various plain colors in the same shades and on top the matching prints to complete the look.


Winter and wool- two terms that almost everyone associates when thinking of a winter look. Like last year, we again have high quality wool blends for coats and jackets. Whether it’s hounds tooth, plaid or a mottled look- there’s something to please everyone.

Black Beauty

The color black is one of the colors that are reflected in evening wear and can also be found in everyday life – an all-rounder! This trend theme has the same characteristics: both great elegant qualities for the evening with sequins or lurex and velvet, as well as everyday fabrics to feel good. Enchant your closet with a touch of glamour for every occasion.

Snow White

This theme is the perfect association to winter- snow! The dream in white is not only found in the summer. No, the bright color has also asserted itself in the dark season. This theme is rounded off with light beige nuances.

Nautical Blue

Classic navy was yesterday – now the blue color theme is supported with the new nuance “Nautical Blue”. Thus, accents are set on different qualities and give the theme a new coat of paint and bring modernity together with classicism.

Sunset Purple

In summer as well as in winter, lilac, purple, plum and other shades of the color purple have become indispensable in the fashion world. The materials and various patterns give the theme a noble, calm touch.

Garden Green

Now we present the color, which is unfortunately rarely found in nature during the winter time, but is an absolute must-have in the fashion world- green. For the cold season a little more muted. Through great color combinations with brown and beige tones or pink, new fashionable accents are set.

Raspberry Rose

The fashion color of the winter: Raspberry Pink! The color is provocative, youthful and always a statement. We have implemented this trend in print as well as in plain fabrics. The theme is rounded off by great color combinations with various shades of red and pink.


Noble and elegant through the winter: this is what muted red reflects. The color “Rosewood” has found its home both in the plain and in the print area and can be perfectly combined with pink or brown and beige tones.

Tabacco Brown

This color theme radiates warmth and comfort – warm beige and brown tones in different qualities invite you to fall in love. And Tabacco Brown is rounded off by light mustard accents. Furthermore, these shades are suitable for everyday life and a party night- the combination of qualities is everything!

Neutral Gray

This color world offers neutrality and security: gray can be combined well with other colors and is calming. Different qualities, such as cuddly knitters or fashionable steppers, give the theme that certain something, which is also supported by beautiful designs.

En Vogue Basic

Different steppers, faux fur, suede, blouse and pants qualities in different compositions, knit qualities and much more. The right fabric in your favorite color can be found here for everyone and will be a great it-piece for the winter.

I Love Prints

Print lovers watch out – this trend theme makes your hearts beat faster and offers a variety of patterns and print qualities. Let them inspire you.

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