Fashion collection from Hemmers Itex for autumn / winter 2022

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Goji Berry

The interplay of red and black tones is a popular theme for the new season. Within this theme there is a wide range of woven checks. These fabrics are fantastic for sewing items such as trousers and blouses. Of course we also have in this colour theme sequins for special occasions.

Black and Beige

A colour combination that should never be missing from the range: black and beige. You will impress your customers with these fashion relatable fabrics. Checked coat fabrics with 30% wool or imitation fur with leo prints, are perfect for this coming autumn winter and can be easily combined.

Quiet Shade

Discreet but fashionable, including checks, leo´s and floral designs can all be found in this theme. Skirts or dresses can be created using our pleated chiffon and plush jackets, eye-catchers for the coming autumn/winter season and should not be missing from your wardrobe. These fabrics can be combined particularly well with our new knitted fabric items, that are available in several colours.

Nightshadow Blue

The Nightshadow Blue theme is all about different tones of blue. The new quilted qualities round off chic dresses and blouses sewn using one of our viscose twill qualitys. A special highlight is our imitation leather with fur on the back. Leather is a popular topic and with fur, it is perfect for the cold season.

Powder Pink

With these beautiful shades of powder pinks, the customers will softly glide into the winter season. Whether subtle or flamboyant, here, every hobby seamstress will find the look they are searching for. Great hoodies or a sweatshirt dresse can be sewn from our new “Casual Tweed” quality. Comfortable sweaters and dresses for everyday use can also be sewn from our new heavy cotton flannel. Both qualities can be combined with our beautiful designs on viscose.


Fresh green and olive tones can be found in the olive theme. There are also many different qualities in this theme, from viscose satin, imitation fur, corduroy to quilting. Our new knitted jacquards are particularly beautiful, as they are easy to sew and beautiful to wear.

Pearled Ivory

Pearled Ivory, the new trend colour. The light beige and cream tones are already very popular. This trend will continue into the next season. Beautiful coat and quilted fabrics in combination with our shiny viscose satin, will create a perfect look. Our new quality, viscose spandex with elastane is suitable for figure-hugging dresses and blouses and with its floral designs, they go perfectly in our  Pearled Ivory theme.

Deep Lake

The warm shades of Deep Lakes are reflected in our fabrics. Great sewing projects can be created from the floral designs on viscose, jersey, ponti and many other qualities. Again, In this theme are also many beautiful co-ordinated checks

Golden Spice

In our golden spice theme you will discover designs in shades of yellows, oranges and browns. Flowery viscose fabrics, Leo prints on knitted fabrics and checks on coat fabrics round off this theme. The shiny viscose fabrics in these colours are particularly suitable for a festive outfit.

Purple Rain

The trend colour purple should also not be missing in the coming season. There are different shades that suit everyone. Here discover qualities suitable for sewing a cosy hoodie, a chic floral blouse or a knitted dress.

I Love Prints

In our new I Love Prints series you will find many new printed designs on viscose jersey and viscose poplin. The floral and abstract designs, in different colours are suitable for great sewing projects.


Our autumn / winter collection is rounded off by new basics that are colour-coordinated. The new knit qualities are perfect for tops and dresses. Especially the many jacket qualities designed for coats, jackets and sleeveless coats can be perfectly combined with our seasonal prints. Great trousers or skirts can be sewn from our new “Tencel Finish” viscose fabric.

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