New fabrics from Hemmers Itex for autumn / winter 2021

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Animal printed cotton jerseys in various colourways

Digital printed cotton jersey

Article number: 206855 – 206858

On the flowery base designs, elephants, foxes, horses and lions can be found. The watercolor drawings are colour-coordinated with our winter basics. Great outfits for young and old can be sewn using these fabrics.

Pigment printed Jersey and French Terry

Colourful fabrics with pigment printed highlights

Artikelnummer: 206159 – 206161, 206118, 206162 – 206163

On our new pigment printed jerseys there are a range of beautiful flowers combined with horses. Horses are always a popular theme, especially with young girls.

For the little boys we have pigment printed dinosaurs on our French Terry quality.

The colourful stripes and leo patterns on French terry let your customers shine even in the cold seasons.

Cosy French Terrys

French terry melange, brushed and un-brushed

Article number: 207222 – 207226, 206294 – 206295, 206292 – 206293

Out and about in a partner look: The new French terry melange with colourful flowers, dinosaurs, leopards or safari animals are perfect for the whole family.

Out and about in grafity designs, printed on French terry. The perfect outfit for skaterboys.

Our new French Terry is extremely cosy. With the cute lion with  stripes or a doll with a flower wreath, there is also the right fabric for children of all ages.

New fabrics on organic cotton jerseys

Organic cotton jerseys for great outfits

Article number: 207139 – 207142

Little monkeys, hedgehogs and cats that hide between the stripes cavort on our new organic fabrics. The organic cotton jerseys are available in beautiful, muted colour tones. They feel soft and are very easy to wear.

Sweat shirt stripes - the all-rounder

Sweat shirts are a classic

Article number: 207065

Sweat shirts are very popular. They not only like to be sewn, but also like to be worn. Your customers are guaranteed to love these sweat shirt stripes.

New licenses should also not be missing in your range

New licenses

Article number: 206300, 206193 – 206194, 206872 – 206875

You can now find new licenses for Harry Potter and Stars Wars on Jersey.

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